BOOK: The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 4.10: Interpretation of Tongues

4.10    Interpretation of Tongues


The gift of "interpretation of tongues" is a divine utterance of explanation in a known language of the speaker, given by the Holy Spirit, of what was just uttered in tongues.

A.    This is an "interpretation", not a "translation". Therefore the interpretation should be long or short in comparison to the utterance in tongues.  But it will be sufficient to give the meaning of the tongues.

B.    Interpretation is dependent on tongues; that is, tongues must come first.


    A.    Interpretation is a spoken gift, which could be heard in the spirit first (similar to prophecy manifestation).

    B.    Interpretation works only with tongues and is dependent on the tongues coming first.

    C.    Interpretation must accompany tongues when used in public (congregational) ministry.

    D.    Interpretation may be asked for, received, and manifested in private (prayer) ministry (1 Cor 14:13-15).

    E.    Interpretation may manifest with other gifts, particularly the revelation gifts.

    F.    Interpretation may come thru the same person as the tongues came thru, or another person.


A.    1 Cor 14:2,4,13-15,27-28,40   In private ministry (personal prayer life)

B.    1 Cor 14:5,26-28,39-40          In public ministry (congregational)