BOOK: The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 4.2: Word of Wisdom

4.2    Word of Wisdom


The word of wisdom is a supernatural revelation, given by the Holy Spirit, of the plans, purposes, and will of God concerning future things.


A.    God is all knowing (omniscient).  He not only knows all past and present things, but foreknows all things to happen in the future.  This does not mean God has forced anyone to do something; merely, that God foreknows what a person will freely chose to do.  The word (or message) of wisdom is a small portion of God's wisdom or foreknowledge in a certain area.

B.    Future things revealed could include conditional blessings, dependent upon obedience to God's word.

C.    Future things revealed could include cursings caused by man's disobedience, such as the babylonian captivity of the nation of  Israel.

D.    If your car broke down and you did not know what the problem was, the  word of wisdom could tell you what specifically to do to fix the car.  You might not ever know what the problem was, nor why the fix worked.


A.    Usually is a voice inside of you, which you hear, but others around you cannot.  It is similar to being on the phone, you can hear the other person on the phone, but those around you cannot hear him.

B.    May be manifested in dreams and visions.

C.    May be manifested thru the spoken gifts.


        A.    John 1:32-34      God foretells John of the Christ

        B.    Luke 2:25-26      God foretells Simeon of the Christ

        C.    Moses receiving the law of the old testament.
        D.    1 Sam 3:11-14    (word of knowledge in verse 13)
        E.    2 King 20:1-7      conditional to Hezekiah
        F.    Jonah's message of destruction to Nineveh (conditional)
        G.    Luke 1:13-17      John the Baptist's birth, 1:26-35 Jesus' birth, 1:67-79  Jesus' ministry
        H.    Acts 8:26-29       instruction received
        I.     Acts 9:15-16       Paul's future
        J.    Acts 10:9-16        Peter's vision concerning Gentiles
        K.   Acts 11:28-30      foretells church of coming drought, time to prepare
        L.   Acts 21:10-11       conditional bondage
        M.  Acts 27:10,24-26,31 foretell of danger and of protection