BOOK: The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 4.3: Word of Knowledge

4.3    Word of Knowledge


The word of knowledge is a supernatural revelation, given by the Holy Spirit, of certain facts in the mind of God.  Facts are things of the past or present.

A.    God is all knowing (omniscient).  He knows all facts (past and present).  The word (or message) of knowledge is God revealing a small portion of His knowledge in a certain area.

B.    If your car broke down, the word of knowledge could tell you what the problem is (fact), without telling you how to fix it (wisdom).

A.    Usually is a voice inside of you, which you hear, but others around you cannot.  it is similar to being on the phone, you can hear the other person on the phone, but those around you cannot hear him.

B.    May be manifested in dreams and visions.

C.    May be manifested thru the spoken gifts.


        A.    John 4:16-18              Samaritan woman at well
Note that this occurrence proclaimed Jesus as the Messiah to the woman, and attracted other unsaved Samaritans to Jesus.
        B.    Luke 2:10-12              angels to shepherds
        C.    1 Sam 3:13                (word of wisdom in verses 11-14)
        D.    1 Sam 9:3-4,6,19-20   property recovered
        E.    1 Sam 10:21-23          revealed man hiding
        F.    1 King 19:4,14,18       encouraged servant
        G.    2 King 5:25-26           exposes hypocrite
        H.    2 King 6:9-12             reveals enemy's plans
        I.      Luke 1:36-37             confirmed truth to Mary
        J.     Acts 5:3-4                  Ananias's lie
        K.    Acts 9:10-12,15-16    (word of wisdom in verse 16)
        L.    Acts 10:17-20
        M.   1 Cor 11:23, Gal 1:11-12  Paul's revelation of last supper