BOOK: The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Chapter 4.6: Working of Miracles

4.6    Working of Miracles


The gift of "working of miracles" is a supernatural endowment of power from the Holy Spirit to intervene in the ordinary course of nature.  That is, to cause a temporary or permanent change in natural events or order contrary to the normal operation of natural laws.


A "miracle" in the general use of the word is any work of God; however, a "miracle" in the specific use of the word is to intervene or supersede natural laws or occurrences by the power of God.

A.    It is always a manifestation in the natural realm, by the supernatural power of God.

B.    It may work with other gifts, particularly the power gifts.


        A.    John 2:1-3,7-11  Jesus turns water into wine

        B.    Mark 4:39          Jesus rebukes the storm

        C.    Exo 7: - 14:        Moses performs miracles in Eqypt
        D.    Exo 14:21-22      Moses parts the Red Sea
        E.    John 6:5-14        Jesus feeds 5000 with boy's lunch
        F.    Acts 5:1-5          Ananias and wife die
        G.    Acts 13:4-12      sorcerer struck blind
        H.    Acts 28:3-6        serpent bite Paul (could be special faith also)