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Charismatic Gifts

The Holy Spirit gives a subset of the nine charismatic gifts to a believer at the time of receiving the "baptism with the Holy Spirit", evidenced by speaking in a new personal prayer language of "tongues".  That is, charis is the greek word for grace, and charisma is a grace gift.  Therefore, these are grace gifts of the Holy Spirit.  They are an divine impartation of the capability and power of God into your live. 
1 Cor 12:8-11
For to one is given by the Spirit the
word of wisdom; to another the
word of knowledge by the same Spirit; To another
faith by the same Spirit; to another the
gifts of healing by the same Spirit; To another the
working of miracles; to another
prophecy; to another
discerning of spirits; to another
divers kinds of tongues; to another the
interpretation of tongues:
But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.
These gifts are given by the Holy Spirit, to equip us to be able to perform the work of the Body of Christ (the body of the anointed one, anointed with the Holy Spirit and power) in a supernatural way. These gifts are "tools" for us to us in proclaiming the Word of God to the unsaved world, confirming the truth with signs and wonders, thru the working of the Holy Spirit.


The purpose of the charismatic gifts is to:


The gifts are manifested as we move with the Holy Spirit, acting in faith, which works by love.  The gifts may also manifest at times we are not expecting them to because they function as the Holy Spirit wills.  The balance is in that the Holy Spirit is moved by faith.

All these gifts operated in and under the old testament, except tongues and interpretation.  Tongues and interpretation are signs of and specific to the new testament.  This is why you don't see tongues and interpretation until the baptism of the Holy Spirit upon believers.  All gifts, except tongues and interpretation, can be manifested to a lesser degree before the baptism of the Holy Spirit; however, the baptism brings the anointing of the Holy Spirit without measure or limit, and allows the potential for the full manifestation of the gifts, as we grow and yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Division of Gifts

We divide and isolate the individual gifts to define them only.  Normally, two or more gifts will operate at the same time. They may function at the same time (e.g., prophecy and word of wisdom), or they may flow from one to another without an obvious breaking point (e.g., interpretation and prophecy). 

The gifts are divided into three groups, defining their general type of operation:

        A.    the revelation gifts (reveal something): 
        word of wisdom
        word of knowledge
        discerning of spirits

        B.    the power gifts (do something by supernatural power):
        (special) faith
        working of miracles
        gifts of healing

        C.    the spoken gifts (speak something):
        divers kinds of tongues
        interpretation of tongues.

Word of Wisdom

The word of wisdom is a supernatural revelation, given by the Holy Spirit, of the plans, purposes, and will of God concerning future things.

  1. God is all knowing (omniscient).  He not only knows all past and present things, but foreknows all things to happen in the future. This does not mean God has forced anyone to do something; merely, that God foreknows what a person will freely chose to do.  The word (or message) of wisdom is a small portion of God's wisdom or foreknowledge in a certain area.
  2. Future things revealed could include conditional blessings, dependent upon obedience to God's word.
  3. Future things revealed could include cursings caused by man's disobedience, such as the babylonian captivity of the nation of Israel.
  4. If your car broke down and you did not know what the problem was, the  word of wisdom could tell you what specifically to do to fix the car.  You might not ever know what the problem was, nor why the fix worked.
  1. Usually is a voice inside of you, which you hear, but others around you cannot.  It is similar to being on the phone, you can hear the other person on the phone, but those around you cannot hear him.
  2. May be manifested in dreams and visions.
  3. May be manifested thru the spoken gifts.

Word of Knowledge


The word of knowledge is a supernatural revelation, given by the Holy Spirit, of certain facts in the mind of God.  Facts are things of the past or present.


  1. God is all knowing (omniscient).  He knows all facts (past and present).  The word (or message) of knowledge is God revealing a small portion of His knowledge in a certain area.
  2. If your car broke down, the word of knowledge could tell you what the problem is (fact), without telling you how to fix it (wisdom).
  1. Usually is a voice inside of you, which you hear, but     others around you cannot.  It is similar to being on the phone, you can hear the other person on the phone, but those around you cannot hear him.
  2. May be manifested in dreams and visions.
  3. May be manifested thru the spoken gifts.

Discerning of Spirits


The gift of discerning of spirits gives insight into the spirit world.


  1. This gift allows you to "see" into the spiritual realm.  You may see good or evil spirits and their operation, or you may see the good or evil nature of a man's spirit.
  2. This gift may manifest as an "insight" or "perception" in your spirit     as to the true nature of a spirit which is operating (good or evil in operation).  This is much like an inner witness manifestation; however, the inner witness of the Holy Spirit includes broader applications, such as inner "peace" witnessing to  you that you are in right relationship and fellowship with God.
  3. If you were ministering to a person who had an evil spirit, the gift of discerning of spirits would either give you an inner witness, like your spirit man drawing up inside you, or it might show you the evil spirit.  The spirit might look like a black blob or cloud.  Note that discerning of spirits would not tell you that a person had an evil spirit or what kind it was,  that would be a word of knowledge.
  4. This is not a gift of "spirit of discernment", that is a "spirit of criticism" and is evil.  nor is it a gift of "discernment", that is wisdom.  Note we all, saved and unsaved, have some capacity of spiritual discernment, that is to say our spirits can sense when other spirits are around and as to what operation they are of.  This is not the gift of "discerning of spirits", because it is functioning by our human spirit and not by the Holy Spirit.
  1. Mainly manifested in dreams and visions.  Dreams are when you are asleep.  Visions are when you are awake.  There are three types of visions:
  • closed vision - when you see in a vision in your spirit.  You may see spirits operating where you are at or other location, but you see it in your spirit and not in conjunction with your natural eyes.  Whatever you are doing physically at the time is not affected or hindered.  For example, you might be ministering to someone, and in your spirit you see the person and a demon clinging to their back, but with the natural eyes you saw nothing.
  • trance - when you see a vision in your spirit, but  your physical facilities are suspended.  you are literally "frozen" in place; you could be frozen standing or you could fall under the power and remain frozen there.
  • open vision - when you see both in the spiritual realm and in the physical realm at the same time.  Your physical facilities are operating as normal and are part of the manifestation.  For example, you might be ministering to someone, and your spiritual eyes are opened so that you see a demon clinging to the  person's back.  It appears that you are seeing it with your natural eyes, because your natural eyes are working in conjunction with your spiritual eyes.
  1. May be manifested as an "insight" or "inner witness perception".
  2. May operate with other revelation gifts.

(Special) Faith


The gift of "special faith" (amplified bible) is a supernatural endowment of believing God for something, above and beyond the normal measure of faith given to every Christian.


  1. The gift of faith allows one to believe so strongly, that he cannot doubt, but has complete and total assurance in god.  An example would be Daniel receiving his deliverance in the loin's den.  Another is Jesus going to and thru the cross, fully persuaded of His resurrection.
  2. This gift is used in receiving something from God (provision, protection, etc...).
  3. It may work with other gifts, particularly other power gifts, to accomplish something.  An example would be Jesus' confidence in God's protection, going into Judea to raise Lazarus, after near stoning on last trip. (John 11:7-8,16)
  1. Maybe manifested separately, by itself.
  2. Or with other gifts, particularly other power gifts.

Working of Miracles


The gift of "working of miracles" is a supernatural endowment of power from the Holy Spirit to intervene in the ordinary course of nature.  That is, to cause a temporary or permanent change in natural events or order contrary to the normal operation of natural laws.


A "miracle" in the general use of the word is any work of God; however, a "miracle" in the specific use of the word is to intervene or supersede natural laws or occurrences by the power of God.


  1. It is always a manifestation in the natural realm, by the supernatural power of God.
  2. It may work with other gifts, particularly the power gifts.

Gifts of Healing


The "gifts of healing" is a supernatural endowment of power to deliver the physically oppressed from Satan (Acts 10:38),  thereby destroying the works of the devil (1 John 3:8).


  1. Note it is "gifts", not gift!  That is, there are different gifts or mixtures of healing power given.  One minister may have a special gift against different types of cancer (i.e., great success in healing manifestations), but limited success against deaf\dumb.  Another minister could be the exact opposite.  But all ministers can pray for healing thru other channels of faith!
  2. If a body, or part of a body, is still physically present and has some life in it, then the gifts of healing could operate to restore health.  However if the part is completely dead, or missing (as a missing arm),then working of miracles would be operate (creative miracle).
  3. We must recognize:
  1. We can receive healing thru several channels or methods:
  • prayer (that is to receive directly from God) (maybe special faith)
  • laying on of hands (Mark 16:18-21, Jam 5:13-15)  (regular faith, prayer of agreement or intercession)  (*note laying on of hands could be used with gifts of healing, but is not limited to this gift.)
  • gifts of healing (God's power endowed or placed in a man as a channel).
  1. Maybe manifested by itself
  2. Or with other gifts:  revelation, power, or spoken.



Prophecy is a divine utterance (word for word) in a known language of the speaker, given by the Holy Spirit, to edification, exhortation, and comfort (1 Cor 14:3).


  1. The gift of prophecy in and of itself has no revelation.   But it may combine with one or more of the revelation gifts to reveal something.
  2. It may not combine with other gifts, but merely exhort in and of itself.
  3. It is a word for word supernatural utterance by the Holy Spirit thru a person.  It is not preaching (which means to proclaim), but it may come forth during and/or in preaching.
  4. Can be used both in public (in the congregation) and private (personal prayer life) ministry.
  5. Prophecy alone does not make a "prophet".  A prophet is a different gift or anointing, which is combined with some of the revelation gifts and the prophecy gift.
  6. We are not to be led by prophecy given to us thru other persons, but led by the Holy Spirit.  Prophecy can be one of the 2-3 witnesses we use to confirm things (2 Cor 13:1). God normally talks to us first before it is given thru another person, and if not, then He will confirm it normally thru inner witness or other manifestations (word of knowledge, etc...).
  7. We are to judge prophecy (1 Cor 2:15, 14:29).
  1. It may manifest alone.
  2. Or with other gifts (revelation or power gifts).
  3. It is a spoken gift, though you may hear it first in your spirit, before you yield to the Holy Spirit to speak it.  You may not have the whole message in your soul before going forth to give it.
  • You may only have a perception in your spirit that it (prophecy) is there.  I call this "something in the mail slot".  You know it is there, but you don't know the content until you open your mouth.
  • You may have only the first several words (heard from your spirit into your soul), like "thus saith the Lord".  In both cases, you will have to move forward in faith and open your mouth.
  1. All believers should desire, ask, and have the gift of prophecy working in their personal (prayer life) ministry. That is praying by divine utterance. You can pray in prophecy and\or in tongues with\without interpretation in your own prayer life.  (Acts 19:6, Acts 2:17-18, 1 Cor 14:39, 1 Thes 5:20).

Divers Kinds of Tongues


The gift of "divers kinds of tongues" is a divine utterance (word for word) in an unknown tongue of the speaker, given by the Holy Spirit.


  1. Tongues (and interpretation) is the only gift not in operation in the     old covenant.  It is the initial sign of the outpouring or the baptism of the Holy Spirit, both to the church and to every believer.  (Joel 2:28-29, Acts 2:17-18, Acts 19:6).
  2. Tongues may or may not be understood naturally by the listener(s).
  3. Tongues may be in the language of men or angels (1 Cor 13:1).
  4. Tongues can be applied by the Holy Spirit in two directions of communication, in either public or private ministry, and must be recognized which direction is being manifested for the proper rules of service to apply.  These two directions of communication are:
  • Man's spirit speaking to God, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, in prayer or worship (1 Cor 14:2, Rom 8:26-27). This type of communication can be manifested in all persons in a congregation at once and does not have to be interpreted.
  • God's spirit speaking to man, with the aid of the Holy Spirit thru a man (1 Cor 14:27-28).  This type of communication should manifest only thru one person at a time, though several persons may have an utterance in their spirit, in an orderly way, and must be interpreted. Tongues with interpretation is equal to prophecy in importance (1 Cor 14:5).
  1. Tongues may manifest by itself.  Particularly at baptism in Holy Spirit and in personal prayer life. (1 Cor 14:2,14:28, 14:18-19)
  2. Tongues may combine with other gifts.
  3. You must speak what you hear or yield your mouth to the Holy Spirit to speak the tongues (in faith).  The Holy Spirit will not force you nor take control without you freely yielding.
  4. We are instructed to ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit (evidenced by tongues), and cannot receive an evil spirit (demon) in place of (Luke 11:11-13), no more than you can ask Jesus to come into your life and get Satan instead.
  5. Ten reasons for speaking in tongues:

Interpretation of Tongues


The gift of "interpretation of tongues" is a divine utterance of explanation in a known language of the speaker, given by the Holy Spirit, of what was just uttered in tongues.


  1. This is an "interpretation", not a "translation". Therefore the interpretation should be long or short in comparison to the utterance in tongues.  But it will be sufficient to give the meaning of the tongues.
  2. Interpretation is dependent on tongues; that is, tongues must come first.
  1. Interpretation is a spoken gift, which could be heard in the spirit first (similar to prophecy manifestation).
  2. Interpretation works only with tongues and is dependent on the tongues coming first.
  3. Interpretation must accompany tongues when used in public (congregational) ministry.
  4. Interpretation may be asked for, received, and manifested    in private (prayer) ministry (1 Cor 14:13-15).
  5. Interpretation may manifest with other gifts, particularly the revelation gifts.
  6. Interpretation may come thru the same person as the tongues came thru, or another person.

Note: While these descriptions are taken from the BOOK: The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit, they are shorten and not in as great detail.  Either see the book or the School of the Spirit for the full version.