SCHOOL: Foundation

I have written this Foundation Class material as the first part (or school) of a Bible School curriculum, which will have at least six school sections in it.  My hopes are that it will be useful to pastors and ministers in teaching, preaching, and equipping the saints. 

Whether the material is used "as is" to teach or preach, even copying and giving it to the saints, or it is used as a draft for pastors and ministers to write their own material, or just provokes to go further in their own studies, I pray that it will have an affect both upon the men and women of God who read this, and upon all who they minister it to.  May faith come as the Word of God is both read and ministered to others, and may it change their lives forever, in Jesus' name. 

If this material is taught as a class once a week, I recommend that it be broken up into two sessions.  The first would be 11 weeks and the second would be 12 weeks.  The whole of 13 weeks should cover a 3 month period.  I further recommend that the Orientation class be combined with a breakfast or dinner gathering, including all staff and auxiliary head members, who can be introduced to the new members. 

Additionally, there should be a means of allowing make-up of classes missed.  While it should be communicated that personal commitment to attendance is important, we are not looking to penalize those who the devil may have hindered, but rather to strengthen, encourage, and equip.  One option is to audio tape the classes, and allow the person to receive the tape and class material.   

I recommend a graduation celebration, with certificates presented if possible, during the next Sunday service following the last class.  This will reinforce accomplishment with immediate recognition, and encourage them and others to go further in the Bible School training.

I would also follow up in two ways:
(1) by having a minister meet with each person or family to review their motivation gifts, in light of their serving interest, and quickly get them involved in the work of the church, thereby allowing them to be fulfilled by supplying their part to the Body.  You might consider quarterly (that is, the month after completion of Foundation Class) having an Auxiliary Dinner, where you can encourage the saints to work in the church, and follow the dinner with having the auxiliary groups break into their own meetings in different rooms, allowing those who are interested a specific auxiliary to visit them and find out more. 
(2) find ways to personally encourage the saints, both individually and the church as a whole, to continue further in the Bible Schools, signing up for the next school, and their own studies of the Word.

As in all things, pray in the Spirit, being lead by the Spirit, as God would have you use this material.  Remember to give your people some break time between schools or sessions, for holidays and vacations, or other planned church activities, remembering they need personal times of refreshing with God and their family as well.  Be lead, be fruitful, be blessed. 

Your servant in Christ Jesus,

Vernon Williams.